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Manual Drive 360 Degree Rotate Platform Video Booth Machine

With the popularity of 360 photo booth, it seems like it would be cool to have such an interactive photobooth device at a party. But generally it is expensive, and it is only rented for large events or celebrations. So we designed a cheap manual version of the 360 video booth to meet the needs of daily use at home.

Product Detail

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Parameters 360M
Platform Shape Round / Regular Octagon
Control Way Manual Control
Platform Diameter 70cm / 27.5''
Platform Height 15cm
Rotating Stand Angle 30° - 150°
Rotating Stand Length 95cm - 170cm
Packing Way Flight Case / Carton
Support Standing People 1-2 People

Product Features

Amazon 360 Degree Video
Push the shooting arm to make it rotating, people can get amazing 360 degree video with mobile phone fixed on the shooting arm. Make the party more attractive.
Video Booth Machine (1)

Different Style Options
RCM360-M Manual 360 Photo Booth has two standard style, one is round model and another is Octagon Model. Both the models is with 27.6 inches platform.

Flight Case Package
To make the booth more attractive and catch people's eyes in events, we also sell RGB led light strip and it can be easily installed on the RCM360, with hundreds of modes to set, bringing colorful visual effect. And in August, this RGB led light will as a gift in the package.

Small Size & Portable
The platform size of 360 Manual Spinner Model is 27.6 inches, which is suitable for about 2 people, and the height of the platform from ground is 7.1 inches. Thus this manual model is easy to carry and transport.

For Self Use Or Business
This Model of 360 Video Booth is more affordable and even personal buyer can buy it for self use. It is pretty cool if people have their own 360 photo booth and the spinner can be used in every party that people host.


Package List
Metal Platform & Base
Round Model 27.6" OR Octagon Model 27.6"
Portable Transport Flight Case
Three Section Motion Arm
iPad/iPhone/Surface Compatible Bracket
Spherical Bracket
Installation Kit
One Year Support

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