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One-Piece Structure Roaming iPad Booth Shell with Tripod

With the popularity of photo booth machine products, in order to make it more convenient for people to use daily, we thought of combining photo booth with tablet computers such as iPad, Surface and so on, which not only greatly reduces the cost, but also allows people to enjoy the functions of the photo booth at any time.

Product Detail

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Parameters RCM129
Net Weight (without tripod) 1.8 ~ 2.2 KG
Ring Light Size 19 Inches (49.5*49.5 CM)
Color Choice Black as Standard (Customizable)
Color Mode Cold Light, Warm Light, RGB Light
Color Temperature White Light 6500K / Warm Light 3200K
Voltage 110-240V

Product Structure

Product Structure (4)

Product Structure

Portable & Afforable
RCM129 ipad photo booth stand has light weight with small body, more portable and can be carried around easily. Besides, price of this ipad booth shell is low, so you can cost little to enjoy your own diy photo booth.



Optional Application
It supports different size of iPad screen - 9.7", 10.5", 11" and 12.9", wider scope of application. As standard, there are some ipad booth stocks for 12.9”. If you need other size of the screen, we need one week to produce them.

Multi-Function Ring Light
There are three kind of mode of the ring ligth: RGB / Warm Light / Cold Light. People can freely adjust the brightness and light color for better visual effects



Roaming & Standing
RCM129 ipad booth supports different way of usage. It can be not only used by hand with handle behind the shell, but also used with a tripod for standing usage.

Package Options

Roaming Basic Set
Metal Base with External Interface
Led Ring Light
Packing Bag
1 Year Support

Standing Basic Set
Metal Base with External Interface
Led Ring Light
Wooden Tripod
Packing Bag
1 Year Support

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